‘The Producers’ Journey’ – Length 08:02

This being our 18th episode it seems timely to have a look behind the scenes at what our producer Warwick Moss goes through to get these stories to air…..and the effect working on ‘the edge’ has had on him.

I have found the telling of stories to be a powerful way of bringing people together and motivating them to make change, either in themselves personally or for other individuals or communities.The telling of stories, I have found to be a profoundly spiritual act.  They link us to our common humanity and lift us outside ourselves into a realm of new possibilities.  

In this age of economic rationalism, care for the lost and abandoned has diminished and I hope these stories, in a small way, redress the balance.

I would love your feedback about this website as it is you the viewers who will make it all happen and keep it alive. 

Bill Crews


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