Bill Crews Trust


The mission of the Bill Crews Trust is to partner with and provide support to local non-government organisations (NGO) to enable their frontline workers to deliver better services to those in need, in their local communities.

The Bill Crews Trust exists to encourage and develop new and innovative projects aimed at alleviating poverty.

In contrast to The Exodus Foundation the Bill Crews Trust is intentionally entrepreneurial, established both in Australia and in Hong Kong.

The Bill Crews Trust encourages, supports, finances, resources and develops means of tackling local community needs at an international level. The Trust works largely in developing countries in close partnership with those “social entrepreneurs” making positive change through their hands-on work supporting local people.

By supporting these people The Bill Crews Trust aims to break the nexus of the risk adverse nature of many charitable institutions and the way that nature can stifle entrepreneurship. Through encouraging and fostering entrepreneurship at the local level entire communities can be changed.

The Bill Crews Trust works across borders and faiths and in doing so recognises the importance of local culture in breaking the poverty cycle.

To find out more about the Bill Crews Trust, visit the  website here